I’d like to go Alone

I’d like to go alone (click here to listen to me read it)
I’d like to go away alone
Where there are other,nicer people,
Somewhere into the far unknown,
There,where no one kills another.

Maybe more of us,
A thousand strong,
Will reach this goal
Before too long.

This poem makes me feel sad because the author was talking about how he wants to be in a better place,other than a place where people kill.

This poem means this person wants to go somewhere away from the ghetto.
In my Ela class we did a butterfly project,this is my Terezin Butterfly 🦋. To learn about it,click on the dots.

What I learned from my project is that it took a lot of work to do this. Also how these really horrible things that happened to the Jews. I learned how they had to go to really bad concentration camps.
From experiencing the holocaust museum I now learned a lot of new interesting and sad things that happen.


  1. Something I learned about your poem is that this girl is sad because there is allot of killing and allot of bad people so she wants to go to somewhere away from the bad people.

  2. Something i like about your butterfly art is how decorated and how much color you put.

  3. I think your poem is about the Jewish kids being free and wanting to come to America so they don’t have to be killed by the nazis and be free

  4. Something I like about your butterfly project is that you explain really good what the pictures were about because I saw those picture in google but I didn’t know what they meant so good job. I also like that you have a lot of cool design and u decorated the bottom left really cool.

  5. Something I learned is that the author wants to live somewhere else, where the people are nice. Something I like about your butterfly art is that it’s very bright and stands out.

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  7. This poem is kinda sad because she wanted to die and not be part of this

  8. I like your butterfly it’s really colorful and detailed.

  9. I like how big the butterfly is.

  10. I like how your butterfly has a American flag on one wing then the onther side with a Nazi symbol

  11. I like how you put the America flag on the right side that represent the poem

  12. I like your butterfly it has really good detail it also compares the butterfly to the poem

  13. I like the way you used pictures in the ThingLink, they helped me understand more of the points that you were trying to make. Also the butterfly you made was very colorful and nice.

  14. I think this poem is about the sadness and the death all around the author and her family.

  15. Something I learned from your poem is that not only the author but strangers known as Jews were tortured and they want to live in peace with their family and friends without being hurt or killed by the Nazis.


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