SOL6: something in my house

On Sunday it was really crazy. So my mom and I were on our way home from the store. As I walked into my house my dog was in front of the door waiting for me. Then my mom told me to let him out. So i ran from my living room to the kitchen. As I was about to let him out my mom screamed my name. I thought I was in trouble for running in the house with the dog,because he could’ve scratched the wooden floor. I’m just like “yEs mOM?” She was freaking out and she said close all the  bedroom doors and open the front door! I was scared because I didn’t know was going on. She was like there’s a squirrel in the house. It was hanging on the wall onto a glass frame. My two cats were about to attack it so I had to put them down stairs,because I don’t want a dead squirrel in my house. So my mom made me get it,I was like why me? It was really annoying because it was jumping everywhere and breaking stuff,it also went in my oven so I had get a towel and try to move it. The doors were all open so I don’t know why it couldn’t find it’s way out,I was like is this squirrel blind? But then I finally got it out.


  1. Wow this is really funny I totally like this blog I laughed so much!

  2. Did you guys know how the squirrel came into your house?

  3. Lol I wonder why the squirrel even went in ur house.😂

  4. “yEs mOM”part made me laugh. Also how did the squirrel even get in the house ?

  5. I wish I could have witnessed this!!! Squirrels are scary!!


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