Nails 💅🏽(SOL2019)

On Saturday my mom surprised and told me she was going to take me to get my nails done. I was really excited because the last time I got them done was like in January. When we got there I went to pick a color. It was hard because there was so many colors and half of them were pink and purple. I was tired of those colors so I picked blue. I wanted to get them long but I remember I had a volleyball unit. When they were done I was so happy because I usually get them done at the mall, and they would look bad.  But this time I was surprised🤩

Book clubs

something I really like about book clubs is being with the people I know and cooperative. I also like the book we’re reading (Part time Indian) the book seems really interesting to me and fun to read. 


On Friday I came home really tired from school. I went to go and change into comfortable clothes because I wanted to take a nap. I got onto my bed and turned off the lights so I could sleep easier. My mom woke me up because dinner was ready. I didn’t want to get up so she said I could have 20 more minutes. When she woke me up again it felt like a minute and I was so confused because that time went by really fast.

Messed up: SOL 2019

It was Saturday after noon and I wanted to dye my hair again. My mom decided to chamge it up, instead of always having it red. I picked a really dark black color because I thought it would look nice , especially for picture day. I started taking the dye out of the box and getting ready. My mom started applying it on my hair. She always buys two bottles because I have a lot of hair, so I thought it would be fine. After waiting for it to set in my hair I went to go rinse it out. I blowed dry it and straighten it. I was taking a close look and I still had red strands of hair mixed with my black hair. I got so mad because I looked really dumb.

Slipped:SOL 2019

I was at the house with mom. We decided to go eat, so we got into the car and drove off. As we got out of the car we started walking to the restaurant. It was really dark and cold outside and there was a lot of ice on the sidewalk. When my mom noticed the ice she told me to go first so she won’t slip. She joked around and said “If you fall, I’ll pick you up.” I thought for sure I wasn’t going to slip. But as I took the last step I couldn’t catch my balance and fell. I didn’t really get hurt but at the end we both started laughing.

I’d like to go Alone

I’d like to go alone (click here to listen to me read it)
I’d like to go away alone
Where there are other,nicer people,
Somewhere into the far unknown,
There,where no one kills another.

Maybe more of us,
A thousand strong,
Will reach this goal
Before too long.

This poem makes me feel sad because the author was talking about how he wants to be in a better place,other than a place where people kill.

This poem means this person wants to go somewhere away from the ghetto.
In my Ela class we did a butterfly project,this is my Terezin Butterfly 🦋. To learn about it,click on the dots.

What I learned from my project is that it took a lot of work to do this. Also how these really horrible things that happened to the Jews. I learned how they had to go to really bad concentration camps.
From experiencing the holocaust museum I now learned a lot of new interesting and sad things that happen.

Book blog:The Assassin Game

My book from quarter 3 is “The Assassin game.” The author of the book is Kristy McKay. The genera of the book is Fiction/Suspense. The main characters are Cate and Vaughn. I can’t say where the setting takes place because it takes place in a lot of places. In the story Cate gets invited to this game called Assassins Guild. But every year a person takes turns into being the killer,but Cate and the members takes it way to seriously,and a lot of things to violent.. It’s a really interesting book because it has some violent parts and some romance in it. I recommend you reading this book,it’s really good.