I’d like to go Alone

I’d like to go alone (click here to listen to me read it)
I’d like to go away alone
Where there are other,nicer people,
Somewhere into the far unknown,
There,where no one kills another.

Maybe more of us,
A thousand strong,
Will reach this goal
Before too long.

This poem makes me feel sad because the author was talking about how he wants to be in a better place,other than a place where people kill.

This poem means this person wants to go somewhere away from the ghetto.
In my Ela class we did a butterfly project,this is my Terezin Butterfly 🦋. To learn about it,click on the dots.

What I learned from my project is that it took a lot of work to do this. Also how these really horrible things that happened to the Jews. I learned how they had to go to really bad concentration camps.
From experiencing the holocaust museum I now learned a lot of new interesting and sad things that happen.

Book blog:The Assassin Game

My book from quarter 3 is “The Assassin game.” The author of the book is Kristy McKay. The genera of the book is Fiction/Suspense. The main characters are Cate and Vaughn. I can’t say where the setting takes place because it takes place in a lot of places. In the story Cate gets invited to this game called Assassins Guild. But every year a person takes turns into being the killer,but Cate and the members takes it way to seriously,and a lot of things to violent.. It’s a really interesting book because it has some violent parts and some romance in it. I recommend you reading this book,it’s really good.


Today I was on Snapchat,and my really close friend Heidi,a lot of people probably know her,but she sent me a picture of her and I when we were very little and it brought me back so many memories. Me and her knew each other since we were babies, and its funny because we call each other cousins even though we’re not,are family is just really close.🙂☺️

SOL8:Going to Jasmins house

On Friday after school I went to Jasmins house. Right as we got of school we started walking to her house.When I first got there we ate cereal, I don’t know why but we did.After that we went outside and started playing volleyball, It was really funny because I accidentally hit the ball to someone else’s yard,and she had to go get it.

Sol7: Boring day

On Friday after school I went to my moms friends house to have dinner. It was really boring for me because there was a lot of little kids I didn’t know,so obviously I didn’t want to go and do something with them. So first I was just on my phone for a little bit. Then I went into the living room with my other friend to watch Stranger things. I just started to binge watch the whole season 2. But I only got up to episode 7,and I fell asleep. After that I got home at 2am,and stood up late.

SOL6: something in my house

On Sunday it was really crazy. So my mom and I were on our way home from the store. As I walked into my house my dog was in front of the door waiting for me. Then my mom told me to let him out. So i ran from my living room to the kitchen. As I was about to let him out my mom screamed my name. I thought I was in trouble for running in the house with the dog,because he could’ve scratched the wooden floor. I’m just like “yEs mOM?” She was freaking out and she said close all the  bedroom doors and open the front door! I was scared because I didn’t know was going on. She was like there’s a squirrel in the house. It was hanging on the wall onto a glass frame. My two cats were about to attack it so I had to put them down stairs,because I don’t want a dead squirrel in my house. So my mom made me get it,I was like why me? It was really annoying because it was jumping everywhere and breaking stuff,it also went in my oven so I had get a towel and try to move it. The doors were all open so I don’…

My Slice of life

My slice of life is doing really well so far for me. Sometimes I have really interesting stuff to talk about,and sometimes I don’t. But I always try to do my best to make my Blogs really interesting.