On Friday after school I went to my moms friends house to have dinner. It was really boring for me because there was a lot of little kids I didn’t know,so obviously I didn’t want to go and do something with them. So first I was just on my phone for a little bit. Then I went into the living room with my other friend to watch Stranger things. I just started to binge watch the whole season 2. But I only got up to episode 7,and I fell asleep. After that I got home at 2am,and stood up late.

SOL6: something in my house

On Sunday it was really crazy. So my mom and I were on our way home from the store. As I walked into my house my dog was in front of the door waiting for me. Then my mom told me to let him out. So i ran from my living room to the kitchen. As I was about to let him out my mom screamed my name. I thought I was in trouble for running in the house with the dog,because he could’ve scratched the wooden floor. I’m just like “yEs mOM?” She was freaking out and she said close all the  bedroom doors and open the front door! I was scared because I didn’t know was going on. She was like there’s a squirrel in the house. It was hanging on the wall onto a glass frame. My two cats were about to attack it so I had to put them down stairs,because I don’t want a dead squirrel in my house. So my mom made me get it,I was like why me? It was really annoying because it was jumping everywhere and breaking stuff,it also went in my oven so I had get a towel and try to move it. The doors were all open so I don’…

My Slice of life

My slice of life is doing really well so far for me. Sometimes I have really interesting stuff to talk about,and sometimes I don’t. But I always try to do my best to make my Blogs really interesting.

SOL4: Social Studies

Today I had social studies for first block. I was really impatient,nervous,and excited because I was getting my test back about immigration. Last Thursday when I finished my test I felt very confident about getting a 3. So as I was waiting in my seat impatiently Reading a book,the teacher finally called me to see my grade. Once I got to her desk she showed me my test,and I got a 3. I was really happy and proud of myself.

SOL3: Birthday party

I went over to Gabys house (shes in 8th grade) She is one of my best friends,and it’s really cool because we’re neighbors. So she had a birthday party for her little brother,and I came with my sister. Overall the party was really fun because we got to eat cake and other things. My favorite part was when everyone left,so it was just her,me,my sister, and her siblings. So we started joking about who we went with to the school dance, and me and her started making up slow songs that “we danced to with other people”.

SOL2: Math class,3-2-18

I don’t why but Friday’s are always the worst  for me. But this Friday wasn’t. So my last class of the day was math,and I don’t really like math because it’s boring. But this time it was really fun because I found out  I had a substitute. Some times I was off task but most of the time I was working. But the funniest moment was when the substitute left the room and this kid put on sad music for jovannys “memorial service” (since he was in our math class) and everyone got in moment of silence, then we all started laughing.But that was the most funniest moment in math.

SOL1:Mall (again)

So yesterday I decided to go to the North riverside mall,with my dad around 4. At first I didn’t want to go because i felt like there was going to be sooo many people over there. And once I got there I was right,it was litterly crowded  everywhere. Then I only got two things which were clothes. After that my dad and I actually went into the mall (like where all the other stores are) As I was walking I saw some people from school,and it was really awkward because they were with a group of friends and they all know me. So my dad and I went into this little shop so he can fix his watch. I thought it was really cool because they had so many necklaces and chains. I told him I wanted a chain because I thought it looked really pretty. So we looked at the price and it said it cost “$7,000” and I was really shocked 😮 and I said “oh my god never mind”.  Then we went home like at 5.

But I heard there was a shooting at the mall, I’m really glad I was out of there before it happened,and I hope ev…